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Please get in touch with us if you don’t find your answer below.

1. Can We Have A Video With A Voiceover Track?

Yes, you can. You will just have to select the option “whiteboard with a voiceover” when ordering.

2. Who Writes The Script?

Your script will be written by one of our in-house copywriters. This way, your message will be delivered to your clients in the clearest and most powerful way possible.

3. Can We Use Our Own Photos & Graphics In The Video?

This is doable, we will need to see what materials you have at your disposal and if they are compatible with our animation technique.

4. When Can I Have My Finished Whiteboard Animation?

Our animation process is fast, so you can have your finished whiteboard animation within 20 days or less.

5. Who Will Narrate My Whiteboard Animation?

Your animation will be narrated by a professional narrator specially chosen for this specific skill. The tone of his voice can be changed according to your specification.

6. Where can I post the whiteboard animation?

You can upload the video to any video sharing site on the internet. You can also embed the video on your homepage, blog or any other place you desire. You will own 100% of the rights for the animation once we provide you the final file.

7. What is the maximum length for a whiteboard animation?

Although the recommended length is 1 to 2 minutes to keep it interesting and to be able to spread the message of your service in an engaging way, there are no boundaries when it comes to the maximum length of your whiteboard animations.

8. Why your prices are so affordable comparing to other firms?

Unlike other studios located in California or New York, we are a cool crew of internet entrepreneurs traveling the world (more about that here),we use the latest software available in the market to keep our work affordable for every family business while maintaining the quality, this way we keep getting referrals and continue with our travels.